Our Services


What we do:

When you make contact with us we talk to you personally and discuss your pet and his or her needs. If the decision to go ahead is made we make the appointment to visit you.

We arrive at your home casually dressed, chat to you and get introduced to your pet. We complete the necessary paperwork and then you bring us to the place you have chosen for the final farewell, whether it be your pet’s favourite resting spot, a pleasant light-filled room, or just somewhere special.

We give your pet a sedative to relax him or her. There will be time for goodbyes and caresses during this period. When your pet is utterly relaxed and asleep we give the final injection, and you may choose whether or not to leave the room at this time.

When it is all over your pet’s body can stay at home with you or if you prefer we will take the body away for cremation. Sometimes owners like a pet coffin in which to bury their pet, and we can provide these where possible.


What you do:      

 Just call us and have a chat. Then you will know whether this is the way ahead for you or not.

Prices:   Payment is made in advance by agreement.   Price is inclusive of  all services except cremation, and varies depending on location, time of call-out and other factors.   The provision of pet coffins, memorial bronzes costs a little more.

Cremation Charges:   Cremation, if required,  incurs a charge depending on whether group cremation, where the ashes are not returned,  or individual cremation, where the ashes are returned , is required.  We can discuss these, and other options, at the time of consultation.

Further details about the service are available on request.

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