Elizabeth McCollum-Ryan  MVB MRCVS

Mob. 087-6784401



About the Business
The idea of Bowwout came to me over a year ago. Some years before I had taken a break from veterinary practice, and during this time a number of friends rang to ask me if I would call to their homes and put down their pet, usually a dog. It was an issue which made owners feel deeply emotional.

When pets had to be put down, people wanted it to be in familiar surroundings, without the stress of car journeys, knowing what lay ahead, and waiting rooms, and the return journey alone or with a body. Where owners could have privacy in their grief. People were so appreciative and thankful that it seemed to me that there might be a demand for such a service in the wider community, and as a result Bowwout came into being.

Because Bowwout is a primary service, we have plenty of time for our clients, and can ensure that the pet is relaxed and free from pain and fear when he/she drifts from this world to the next.

Although Bowwout is primarily intended for dogs, we do include cats and other pets in our service.


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  1. I was terrified to say the least to have to make the decision to let my dog Missy of 16 years go, I knew it was coming close to the end, one day she’d be fine the next she’d go down hill quick and I didn’t want to leave it until she was desperately ill where I needed to put her in a car (she had travel sickness) bring her to the vet (which she was terrified off) and have her in a strange place stressed when she passed. Liz I can’t sing your praises enough, I hate anything to do with death and from the minute you greeted me I knew Missy was in safe hands. She was immediately relaxed around you. You took your time and she quietly feel asleep beside me while I petted her to comfort her, you were very considerate and thought of everything and even when I said my last goodbye you made sure she was wrapped like a little doll in her blanket. The conform and solace you provided by allowing me to part with Missy in a calm loving way will never be forgotten. I will be forever thankful to you, Sue

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