Will the vet come to the house?

Yes, always.

Will my pet feel anything?

The sedative is given as a small injection.  That is all your pet is likely to feel.

Do I have to be there at all?

No, but you or your representative (over 18 years) must be present initially to sign a consent form, and to confirm that you are the owner of the pet. Also there should be someone whom your pet trusts to comfort and hold him/her for the sedative.


What happens if I have a dog that bites or is difficult to handle?

Just let us know in advance.  There must be someone present whom your pet trusts capable of restraining him/her, and we may have to take safety measures such as muzzling at the start.   Once the sedative is given the muzzle is immediately removed.

Will I have time to be alone with my pet?

Yes. Your pet will become sedated after a few minutes, giving you time to talk to and stroke him/her. You may choose to stay alone for a few private last moments with your pet at this stage.

May I stay with my pet until it’s all over?

Yes, of course.  Some owners prefer to leave before we give the final injection . If  you feel the same don’t worry.    Your pet will be relaxed and unlikely to feel anything.  We also reassure our pets by speaking to them and stroking them as they pass away so they are never alone.

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What happens then?

You may wish to remain alone with your pet’s body for a little time. Then, depending on what you have arranged with the vet, your pet’s body will either be left with you or given to us for disposal.

If you take my pet’s body how do you dispose of it?

The body is cremated.

May I have the ashes back?

Yes, the crematorium carry out group or individual cremations.  If you opt for individual cremation there are a variety of urns from which you may choose.

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