We’re a new service and have yet to receive customer testimonials.

What was your experience of Bowwout? Please let us know in the Comment box below.

– Liz


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4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I cannot speak highly enough of the service offered by Bowwout. I contacted Bowwout for an elderly friend who was distraught as her pet dog Scamp was seriously ill and she wished to have the dog euthanised in her own home. Liz arrived at the house at the agreed time. Her calm and gentle demeanour calmed the dog and the owner and my friend Anne was given as much time as she needed to say goodbye to her beloved Scamp. Liz talked to Scamp and gently stroked her throughout the procedure. Anne busied herself in the kitchen after the first injection and I stayed with Liz for the second. Scamp slipped away peacefully and never suffered for a moment. Liz then gently wrapped her in a blanket and took her away for cremation. She met Anne and I a few weeks later with Scamp’s ashes in a sealed urn inscribed as per Anne’s instructions. Bowwout is a professional, caring, competent and cost effective service. I believe that the manner in which Bowwout deliver their service at a very difficult time for pet owners actually helps in the grieving process. I have no hesitation in recommending Bowout to any pet owner in a similar position.
    Thank you Liz
    Warm regards
    Dr Phil Robert MIACP

  2. We are so grateful to Liz for helping us part company with our beloved Scooby at the end of a long and loving life. It would have been heart-breaking to part with him in any other way than in the warmth and comfort of the home he has always known, surrounded by care and love. Scooby greeted Liz with affection and was relaxed and happy in his last moments.

    Liz eased Scooby – and us – over that final barrier in the most caring and professional manner. We cannot express how much that meant to us at a very difficult time. It’s never going to be easy to part ways with the best of friends. But to do so in a comfortable and familiar space is the best parting you can give to a life-long companion.

    We cannot recommend Liz highly enough to any devoted dog owner in a similar position.

    Tony and Aisling Ryan Mulqueen
    Bywater, Aughrim

  3. I cannot thank Liz enough for the wonderful service she provided. We knew we had to say goodbye to our little Alice for a few months and the thought of bringing her, on her last days, scared into a Vet was too much to think about. I wanted her last moments to be at home, happy and as normal as it could be.

    I found Liz to be very professional and called us a few times in the weeks leading up to the day to explain the process and to put us at ease. On the day itself Liz was caring and supportive from start to finish, talking and petting Alice throughout the procedure. It really was a blessing finding out about her service and I could not recommend it enough to any other dog lover in a similar position. She really went above and beyond for us and I will be forever grateful for that.

    Ian Cairns

  4. Many thanks to Liz for her very kind and compassionate services today. It made saying goodbye to our much loved dog that bit easier in the comfort and privacy of our own home where she feels safe and happy. It is never easy but we couldn’t bare the thought of bringing her to the vet surgery where we knew our dog would be nervous and scared on entering and knowing what was to come. Liz was excellent and we know our dog was comfortable and drifted off to sleep without feeling any pain. Thank you Liz.
    Linda Tobin

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